Inspiration to write…

Premium penmanship: great events colliding with little ideas.

The time you enjoy wasting is never wasting time—it takes and awful long time NOT to write a book.  Best advice I’ve ever received: either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.  What we all do not know is that there are a thousand thoughts lying within the human brain at any given moment that it does not know until they pick up a pen and write.  It’s simple common sense—quantity produces quality—statistical serendipity, if you will.  But screw exclamation marks because that is just like laughing at your own jokes.  I admire anyone who has the guts to write anything at all because the way I see it, a professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit—of course, that goes for more than just writing.  Some people may not even know what they think until they see what they say—me?  I forget what I think and then am reminded of how beautiful the mind, my mind can be.  The best treat in the world is to become captivated by the creation of your own words; of course you must try not to write sentences that anyone can write.  Your words are challenging to world of words—pressure is on most of the time.   Ernest Hemmingway put it best when he said, “a writer’s job is to tell the truth.”  I’ve found it best not to try, just to let it flow from the unconscious, that is where my gold is…if there is any gold.   My best friend writes screenplays because she assumes dialogue is the most respectable way of contradicting herself.   But the best thing she ever told me is to stop making a goal when I start to write (because I always sit down with a specific thought in mind) because waiting for perfection will lead to not one word being written.  Just let your fingers flow over the keyboard, never stop.  Revising the written is just a silly excuse for not writing on.  Myself, I like to write in the morning and try to make news, make love or make friends in the afternoon.   It’s also like good JuJu.  If you give the pen and paper some life, it will give back.  Just write.

Fun FACT:  J.K Rowling thought up Harry potter on a beverage napkin on a train ride while she was taking a break from writing.


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