The clock is ticking…

Edinburgh Castle will be the start to my future (credit to google images).

My life will embark on a drastic change in 19 short days and all I can do is count—click my fingernails, read a couple books and be patient.  I am going bonkers with excitement.  I bought my ticket a few weeks ago and I behaved a bit out of the ordinary.  I woke up that day knowing I had to buy it before I spent all my graduation money on other things, but what I did not know was how thoughtfully hesitant I would be before clicking ‘purchase.’  In my life, I have never taken a moment to ponder a new adventure until it was actually happening.  I usually just do everything it takes to get there and then reflect during and after.  This trip is different, probably because it is not just a trip—it is my future.  This decision can and will change the direction of my entire life.  I sat there with my credit card, about to buy a one-way ticket, with no knowledge of when I would be coming back.  I was literally buying the ticket to my future.  I was filled with fear and completely thrilled by the feeling–looking back, I feel like I was intentionally hesitant because I loved the feeling.  Once I realized that this fear was such a powerful and gravitating force, I knew I had made the best decision possible.

Not so surprisingly, it would have cost me $777 for a one-way ticket to Geneva to begin my job on time. So with a little extra research, I ended up buying a ticket to Edinburgh, Scotland where a girlfriend of mine goes to school at the University of Edinburgh (appx. $250 + tax).  I will spend a week prowling around with her and her schoolmates then hop on a plane for roughly $100 down to Geneva where I shall begin my life as an au pair.


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