“YES” is kaleidoscopic…

Check the price before you say "YES" to a beer in Nice, France.
As I approach my last six weeks of college, I cannot help but reminisce on all the crazy adventures I have had the past four years.  Thinking of how little I knew about myself when I first embarked on this college journey and seeing who I have become–it is unreal, and superb.  I have discovered myself.  To describe who I am now, I can’t help but think back to the night it actually hit me just a few short months ago.  I went midnight rafting with a group of friends, new and old, when I lived in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a summer internship. We drank Bullet Bourbon, belted Irish sing-along songs in tribute to loving Jackson and even got to see the moon fall asleep in the clouds.  It was another monumental day in my life, another day I never want to forget and another day I felt the beauty of living and loving life to its fullest.

It was then that I heard my friend Duke describe us, the group of friends on the raft, “to be YES people.”  As Maria Headly, an author of one of my favorite books puts it, “A Year of Yes.”  And as I put it in terms of me and my newest mantra, “YES is kaleidoscopic.”  When you begin to open yourself up to the world, hold nothing back and jump on every opportunity that comes your way (just because you can), that is the moment your world begins to shift.  What seemed like an ordinary day will suddenly become the most glorious day of your life.  You wake up, you say “yes” and you make your kaleidoscopic turn.  You blend the expected with the unexpected and create a new path.

There is so much excitement in the unknown–it’s an orgasmic fear.  Fear–the biggest challenge to overcome, but also something I hope to never lose because so far, it does not hold me back, but it’s what keeps me coming back for more.  Just think if you were unfortunate enough to grow immune to fear…could anything even excite you anymore?  Fearless people, if they even really exist, must be the most apathetic people on earth.  To deny that emotion, that sensation, seems impossible.   I have not done the most extreme things a human could do, but I have lived a life that embraces fear–in terms of adventure, experience and independence.  I am always surrounded by people that are refueling my fire–they live, love and encourage trying new things just to feel the thrill.  No one second guesses the unknown.

Although we may be just tiny figures on this Goliath earth, we are the life that lives on it and who knows how much longer we may get that privilege. We may not be able to make our sheer existence last forever, but for right here and now, we can be everlasting together.  Impress upon each other the enchanting, powerful and kaleidoscopic rewards we receive if we just. say. YES.

“Excitement before comfort at all costs” ~Duke Kelley

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