Live like the leaves…

Sometimes it just takes a season to help see the reason for being somewhere.  Autumn has helped me realize, with real eyes, the reason I call Jackson, WY my home.

The leaves in this valley smell like mountain’s candy and sparkle like an impressionistic painting come to life–vibrant yellows, boisterous oranges and subtle hues of red all bursting their last breaths of summer before gracefully meeting the fierce green grass that lies beneath.  Some wait to be raked, piled & squashed, while others journey down empty streets, frolicking with the wind.  Then there are those leaves that begin to flutter…and never stop…

The way the leaves come to life in this place inspire the way people come to life in this place.  Some change colors & settle while others spread their colors and take flight.

I guess that’s why they call Autumn off season.  It’s more like takeoff season.

Take your colors, take your freedom and takeoff.

Live like a leaf…at least, that’s what I plan to do.


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