Here’s a thought…

You own everything you’ve stopped before and heard yourself answering. 

In what sense? In the sense of that personal answer.

What you feel in the presence of the thing you admire–a mountain, a symphony, a person–is just one word. YES. The affirmation, the acceptance, the sign of admittance. And that YES is more than an answer to just one thing. It’s kind of an AMEN to life, to yourself for being able to see it.

This is me at Delta Lake in the Grand Teton National Park, owning the Grand Teton.
This is me at Delta Lake in the Grand Teton National Park, owning the Grand Teton.

The ability to say YES or NO is the essence of all ownership. It’s your ownership of your own ego. Your soul, if you wish. Your soul has a single basic function–the act of valuing. YES or NOI WISH or I DO NOT WISH. You can’t say YES without saying “I“…there is no affirmation without the one who affirms.

In this sense, everything to which you grant your love is yours. When I listen to a song I love, I may not get what the songwriter got. His YES is different from mine. He may have no concern for mine and no exact conception of it. The answer is too personal to each individual. But, in giving himself what he wanted, he gave another a great experience.

I’m alone when I write a thought and you can never know in which way I own it. But, if you say your own AMEN to it, it’s also yours. And I’m glad it’s yours.

Can this YES be withdrawn? I suppose. But there is so much nonsense that comes along with human inconsistency and the transience of human emotions. I’ve always wondered if a feeling changes, did it ever really exist in the first place…

For instance, there are books I loved at the age of 16 and I still love them, yet the love for a boy I felt at the age of 16 is no longer there.

Contradicting? YES!


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