About Me

Born in Dallas, TX | Raised in Glenns Ferry, ID

Glenns Ferry Highschool | Valedictorian ’05
University of Georgia | Bachelor of Fine Arts in Journalism ’09

Lifelong dream?
Make a career out of writing traveling.

Current Job
Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival | Marketing & Design Director

Most Random Job Stint
Au Pair (live in Nanny) in Switzerland for one year.

Why blog?
Seems like a good excuse to stay connected and keep writing, but most of all, to remember.

Worst habit?
Come look at my bookshelf and count how many unfinished books are in it.
Oh, and overconsumption of caffeine.

Life changing experience?
My mother died when I was fifteen, but I truly believe it’s made me into the strong, independent woman I am today. Her spirit lives through me and I thank the powers that be that gave me such an amazing person to look up to and remember every day of my life.

Other random nonsense about me (if you’re still reading).
I never say anything I won’t do. I love the word discombobulated–describes me perfectly. I can’t burp and I love dogs. My favorite sound is ‘bustling’ and my favorite smell is freshly cut grass. I lived in Maui once and learned how to surf.  I adore the Irish spirit. Trees from all over the world intrigue and inspire me. I’m no artist, but am obsessed with extreme impressionism. I love choices–especially difficult ones. I’m a morning person, but an extreme night owl. I love baseball, but don’t watch it that much (Go Rangers!). I know my Dad is the most influential and inspiring person in my life, but I don’t say that enough.


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